About Guard your 6

No matter an individual’s age, income, or life style, we all have that nauseated feeling after being violated, burglarized, robbed or assaulted. At Guard your 6, we believe in putting ourselves in your shoes asking how can we bring a greater sense of security to our homes and neighborhoods? How can we  protect ourselves and loved ones from threats apart from home? 

At Guard your 6 we challenge ourselves to go against the status quo when it comes to defense products. We offer budget minded consumers quality products in surveillance, home protection and personal defense. Our products span across numerous categories including pepper sprays, security alarms, surveillance, electronics, safety & survival kits, and hidden cameras; just to name a few!  

"Guard your 6", a term used by our military meaning "watch your back" is exactly what we strive to do with our products. Here at Guard your 6, you can shop with the peace of mind knowing we have your back - protecting you and your community.